Okay so updates are fun, but I would really like to give you something new. Here is the thing; I am going to have to remove the sims 3 pets from my computer because I have had nothing but troubble since installing it. What is going to happy is redirection generation 4, but I will keep the same person and just have her do something else. Maybe there is a way that I can keep the char. line that I have started with and just get rid of the expansion without messing things up.

I am going to play again this next Sunday night and maybe by Monday I will have something new for you so please bare with me just a while longer. I am going to take today and catch up on some reading of the other blogs that I have been following.

Classes are also keeping me busy, but i am almost finished. Yea me.


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Please forgive me for not posting in so long, but I have not really had the time to play the sims since the last update. I have a house guest for a while which is awesome and have been pretty busy with classes starting back up. I may take a while longer to get an update, but please note that there will be a new update soon and I will be continuing this family and making sure that I keep every one up to date on things that are going on.

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Generation 4, Chapter 1

I think that the first thing that I want to put in here is the things that my mother forgot to write about. Well, maybe she was to busy the last few months because all she was ever doing was yelling at my sister Felicia and my father. I wish sometimes they would just get a divorce again and go on their way.

Any way Felicia and I got to go to prom which was really fun. It made me a little angry that she was made prom queen when clearly I should have been. We also went on a field trip to the police department where I was the one getting in trouble because I wanted to know what things were.

A month before my sister turned eighteen she got grounded because she stayed out to late racing her horse and missed curfew. I never thought she would get ungrounded, but she did just in time to attend the prom with me.

Then came, you guessed it, my high school graduation. I was able to move out on my own and really take over the family name. I could not wait to get out of that house and away from mom and dad and the nonstop fighting.

Oh, the reason hat mom and dad fought all the time was because mom was told by one of her friends that dad was cheating again and when mom asked him he told her she was full of it. I believe that dad is cheating again and that mom will not leave him because she does not want to be old and alone.

Well, back to my life. I was voted the one to be the most popular because I guess I am just that friendly with people. It was nice to know that some people find me to be a nice person.

As soon as I was able to I put money down on a small house that I could rent for a while. It was great and big enough for just me. After being there for about a month I got me a dog. He was a small dog and I knew that he would not make that big of a mess. Since he was already an adult dog when i got him, I didn’t get to choose his name, but the lady said his name was buttons.

I spent most of my days walking Buttons. We would usually walk from my home to the dog park and back. It seemed as though Buttons had to sniff every thing and then pee on it. It took so long for us to get there, but the way back I carried him most of the way because his little legs would get tired.

I loved my life of being the only one in my home and the only one besides Buttons that I had to take care of, but I wanted more. I wanted some one sleeping next to me that was not small and furry. I had first thought about getting another type of animal like a bird, or turtle, but what good would that do me at night. The bird would probably keep me up all night.

The second idea that I had was a cat, but Buttons was demanding enough during the day because he had things that he had to learn and he was also learning to hunt which was a great idea.

To solve my problem, I decided a trip to my mother’s would do the trick. Maybe Felicia could help as well, but when I got there I found out that my older sister was off on some cross-country race.

“Mom, can we talk for a second?” I asked as I looked around the house and noticed a few changes that I hadn’t the last time that I was there. She nodded and walked over next to me. I waited for her response as I watched Molly run around the house all excited because I was there. “Every thing okay?” She asked in a strange tone that made me realize that something was wrong around the house.

“Okay mom what is going on?” I ignored my situation for a while and tried to get her to tell me what was going on. “Your father and I filed for divorce last month and got the papers today.” I could not believe what I was hearing. “What brought this on?” Mom paused for a moment before she went into this big story about how my father came to her and admitted that he was cheating once again. Mom said that she told him he could stay in the home, but they were no longer going to be together.

After several hours I was able to return home, but not before stopping at the animal shelter.

When I got home I had to introduce Buttons to Roxxy. She was a very small puppy who needed a lot of training, but I couldn’t wait. Buttons loved playing with her and they became close in just a short matter of time.

I guess you could say that having Roxxy and Buttons around helped out a little more until Ig ot a phone call from a trial dating service that wanted to know if I would be willing to go on a blind date with one of the locals.

I agreed thinking that it could not hurt and that I would be able to meet another person. His name was Jack Maxwell and he was very handsome. His father was one of the surgeons in town so I knew he was loaded.

Jack and I instantly hit it off. His mother and father even seemed to like me. Come to find out that his grandfather was the one who was there when I was born. I started to wonder if he was going to be the same way. If Jack was going to be a doctor just like his father, mother, and grandfather.

Jack and his parents had come from Bridgeport and were going to stay here. I also found out that his mother was the one that put him on the dating list so that he could meet some one and get married. I couldn’t believe it, but I was also wondering who had done that to me.


Note: Sorry for the fact this chapter is short, but just wanted to get something posted with it already being New Years Day. Happy New Year all and have a wonderful day.

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Generation 3, Chapter 11

Things around the house were still bad, but Felicia was starting to warm up to the idea that her father and I were married once again. She said that she couldn’t understand why, but she would be out of the house soon so it really did not matter to her any more. I had tried seveal times to get to her real feelings, but she would cut me off with the same line, “I will be eighteen soon and out of here and you can live any way that you want to.”

The girl made me angry more each day, but Keith kept trying to tell me that she was just being a teenager. I was a teenager once and remember when I got sent away because of something that I did  to a reporter. My mother was so mad at me than that I still can’t believe that I punished him in the nose. Times like this really made me miss my own mother. Her advice would have come in handy now. Even my grandmother who I never really got to meet.

On days the girls had school Felicia was up before every one else and as soon as the bus honked she was out the door. I wondered if she would ever come out of the phase she was in, but I was really not sure.

Kendra on the other hand hugged both of us and then ran out the door. She usually made it right before the driver decided to close the doors and drive off. There were several times that I thought I was going to have to drive the girl to school.

Due to the wedding a few weeks ago, Keith and I took some time off to get things situated between us. In several ways I was wondering if I had made the right choice, but in others I knew that I had. I watched as every move I made was watched and the thought of me having to take any type of trip worried him. He was never out of earshot and sometimes always underfoot.

Later that night Keith and I figured it was time to confront her. “Felicia, your father and I need to talk to you.” I watched as she put both her hands on the sink, but did not turn around. “What?” She was speaking in a low tone which was nice, but it could get worse. She had the temper of her father.

Keith was busy at the stove and was letting me do most of the talking, but he had a few things of his own to say later. “You have to stop this, the attitude is going to have to go, or…” the next thing I knew Felicia whipped around, “Or what, you will send me away?” Her eyes flashed and she went still as she waited for me to answer.

“No, but please you have to let some one else in this house be happy and you are bringing every one else down, even your little sister.” I was going to try another way of doing this. No sooner did my words come out the girls flew past me and up the stairs. I knew by the sound of the door slamming that it was locked as well. I turned to look at Keith who was standing there with a plate in his hand.

“Well, that went well.” I said as I took the plate from him and headed to the table. Kendra was sitting on the couch watching t.v. even thought I knew she heard every word.

After the girls had gone to bed and Keith settled down on the couch to watch television I decided to get in some training. I had been called earlier that day to head to China for a tournament. Keith was worried that I would not come back, but I had to. He was here and so were my children.

I had to go on this trip though. It was the biggest tournament ever and I just couldn’t miss it. I wanted the status of Grandmaster just like my father and I was going to get it. He had worked hard all of his life and got what he wanted. Why couldn’t I even though I had children who were getting ready to graduate from high school and move out on their own.

The next morning while Keith was taking out the trash he looked over to watch Felicia come down the ramp and heading to the bus stop. I was inside working on the packing that I really needed to get down, but I am sure this conversation went a little this way.

“Felicia we need to talk.” Keith said as he managed to get his daughter’s attention. “What do you want?” Felicia whipped around to stare at her father. He straightened the look on his face to make her understand that he was not joking this time and that he ment every word that was going to come out of his mouth.

“You have to stop this and now because you know what I am not going any where.” He crossed his arms over his chest and he looked down at the girl. Felicia bit her lip and then looked up at him, “Fine, but don’t act like I have to be happy.” She straightened her face a little more, “I remember what you did and all of those nights that you came in late and even the day that we left.”

Keith kept trying to get his daughter to understand that I was happy. “Look I know dad about them and I know what you are doing now to mom and she is going to find out.” Keith stepped back from the trash can and looked at his daughter. “I am doing right by your mother and you have no right to say that I am not.”

A few minutes later I heard the front door open and then slam. Felicia came in mad again like always and now I knew who had done it. “Keith what did you do?” I asked when I noticed that he was standing beside me. He shook his head and walked into our bedroom. I knew something had happened, but Felicia was the only one who was going to tell me.

I waited until Keith had been called back to the station before I spoke to my daughter. “Felicia come down here.” I yelled from the top of the stairs. I walked back over and sat down on the couch while I watched Kendra sit at the kitchen table to do her homework from that Friday.

A few minutes later Felicia wa sitting next to me on the couch watching the program that I had going. “What happened between you and your dad outside that made me angry?” I was just going to be straight forward and hope that she would give me the right answer. She set the remote down on the table and then said, “Nothing just the fact that you and him didn’t even ask us if you could get remarried and now look at what is going on.” She didn’t even give a real answer.

“What are you talking about?” I had their father her almost every day unless he was called back to the station for some undercover thing. “Dad is not being faithful mom and I just know it.” She spoke in a higher pitch then I liked but there was something seriously wrong. “Felicia how do you know that for a fact?” I kept my voice low not to arouse Kendra and get her into this.

“Just think about it for a second, every night he has some undercover thing to do and is gone until almost day break.” She was starting to make a good case, but I didn’t want to believe that this was happening. “Okay look if you do not want to believe me fine, I have to take the horse out any way and get to the competition.” Felicia said as she got up and headed for the door. I guess she was dome pleeding her case and was going to just leave.

I had wanted to finish the talk that I had with her the next day after school, but I had to get on a plane and head to China. There was a big tournament and also some locals that had asked for me to train them.

I spent the next week training others and competing. By the time I was on my way home I had completed what I had wanted to. I was now the “grandmaster” and had my picture next to my fathers. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me this long to get it done.

Late on the last day of my tip I was getting ready to head to the airport when my phone rang, “Hello.” I said gently trying not to drop my bags, but also answer the phone. “Mom are you on your way home yet?” It was Felicia. I was not sure what was going on. “I will be home soon.” No sooner did the words come out the phone hung up. I was not sure what was going on, but hurried down the stairs to the waiting car. I was going to find out.

The next morning when I woke up to finish my training the house was empty. I guess what Felicia had wanted was not that important, but then she would tell me when she got home.

When Felicia did get home that day she said nothing to me. She went outside and took care of her horse and then to her room. After she had gone to sleep I worked my way up the stairs and into her room. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed two trophies sitting on the stand by the window.

I knew then what she wanted to tell me earlier that I just cut her off. I couln’t believe it. My daughter had taken first place in two different races. She had been doing great with the new horse of hers. I would have to wait until morning and make it up to her.


Note: This is where Generation 3 is going to end. I will reveal the heiress in the next chapter in probably a few days. I have the rest of this week off due to Christmas vacation and also I just added The Sims 3 Generations and The Sims 3 Town Life to my game. I have only one more game to upload and a few more to buy to get all of them on here. Stay tuned for the next generation.

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Generation 3, Chapter 10

The girls had voiced their opinions about me getting back involved with their father. Felicia had said that she remembered all of the nights that I had stayed awake crying because of what had happened the day before I left him. I also knew that people could change and he had done some of that from what I could see.

“Mom you are making a mistake if you think dad is not going to be the way he was.” Felicia said as she watched me apply my makeup and then head out of the bathroom towards the front door. “Felicia you are still a child and have no idea what love is and the fact that you have to do what you can for your children.” I was frustrated with her because in many ways she felt as though she was the parent and not me. I knew what I was doing and maybe he had changed.

After telling the girls that I was leaving and to make sure that they went to bed at a decent hour, I walked out the front door and down the ramp to my car. I really needed to trade the pice of garbage in on a newer model, but just did not really want to.

The drive to the dog park was a short one. I had forgotten how close I was now that the girls and I had moved to another house. The park was full of people and their dogs. I had wondered if getting Kendra a dog would be a good idea. I was not sure after what had happened to the horse though. I felt bad for Felicia because her horse passed away, but that was what happened.

When I found Keith he was dressed in his work uniform. “Hey you made it.” he said with a smile. I was wondering if he thought that I was not going to come. “Look I have been doing some thinking and I know what we should do tonight.” I was not sure what he was getting at, but I figured we would walk around a little while and then I would head back home to the girls.

“What are you wanting to do?” I asked as I started walking. He stopped me and pulled me over to face him. “I am trying to be serious and you are walking away from me like you are not even listening to me.” He was trying to be calm, but seemed a little irritated with the way I was now. “Sorry, but I have changed a lot the last few years and you should realize that.” I stood facing him waiting for him to tell me what he wanted to do.

“Look, I know that we have had some hard times and I was never that great with you when we were married before, but I want to fix all of that if you would just give me the chance.” Was he seriously talking about this now. Was he really wanting us to get remarried just for it to end once again.

Before I could give him an answer her pulled me into his arms and hugged me. “Please say you will remarry me?” he asked while he was kissing me. I was not sure what to say and did not even know if it would make the girls mad. I knew what my heart wanted and for some reason it took over. “Yes.” I guess I was stupid because it just came out.

“We have to get married right away and that is why i brought you here.” He wanted to get married right now in the middle of the dog park. “Wait, Keith what about the girls and our friends and family?” I couldn’t just cut the girls out could I mean Felicia didn’t even want me to have anything to do with her father. I think that she still resented him for the way things had ended before, but people change right?

“I know what you are thinking and you are wrong.” He was talking as he kissed down my neck and up to my lips. “I am a one woman man and have been miserable since you left and can’t see myself spending the rest of my life alone.” He let his hands linger and then pulled back to look at me. “Say you will right now and then we can go home.”

What was home. Was home the house that we had shared before, was home the house that I had just left, or was home the house that I had now?  I tried to pull back enough to get a grip on what was happening. “Look If I agree to this there are a few changes that will need to be made, you will have to sell the house that you are living in right now.” I couldn’t go back to that house knowing that he had other females in the bed we once shared. “The other thing is no more out all night without me knowing a head of time and I sware that if I ever find out you are cheating, you will not see the light of day.” I was taking this a little to far I thought, but he agreed.

“I love you and want to be with you and I can sell the house, and never leave your sight again.” he was kissing me again trying to let my emotions play a part in my choices. “I am serious Keith because the girls are old enough now that they tell me things.” He pulled me back up agaist him. “I will never hurt you again.”

After a few hours we were sharing the same vows that we had made to each other all those years ago, but he had changed his. He also seemed to really be willing to make a change in his life and to stay with me. I was happy that I completely forgot about the girls for a while and what they would think about all of this. I had plans on telling them in the morning before they went to school.

“Emma, I am sorry for everything and promise to love you and be faithful until the day I die.” The words he spoke had never come out of his mouth and the fact that he was looking me directly in the eyes was helping. The last time we got married he was looking around at all of the people who were there and probably making plans for some of the females that he had seen at the wedding.

I had believed that he was a changed man because ever time a female walked by his eyes stayed planted with mine. When we finished the vows we looked around and noticed that we had a small audience. I looked back at him to find him watching every move that I was making. “Are you happy?” He asked as he grabbed my hands. I squeezed his hand and pulled him closer to me.

He cupped my face and kissed me. There was a different felling this time then the last time. I actually felt love, passion, and desire. I had never felt this from him before and maybe that was the best thing in the world.

We managed to get back to the house before the girls had gone to bed. “Girls your father and I need to talk to you.” I yelled as I walked in the door. Felicia came down the stairs as Kendra popped her head out of her bedroom door. “Yah mom.” They said in unison. Keith asked them to come and sit down at the table. Both of the girls did as they were told, but not without strange glances at each other.

“Look your father and I have made a decision and that is he is going to move back in the house.” I watched as Kendra got excited, but Felicia ont he other hand frowned. “Are you stupid mom?” Her question was no shock to me. “All dad is going to do is hurt you again and then what, we will have to move again.” her tone was a little higher than before. I was not sure how to make her understand.

“Felicia, your dad has proven that he can change and has done so.” I was still waiting on telling her that we were married again. “You know what in a few years I will be out of here any way and what I think you are doing is stupid, but it is your life I guess and you better think twice before you marry him again.” She went to stand up and storm out of the room, but the words that came from Keith’s mouth put her right back int he chair.

“That is the thing, your mother and I are already married again.” He held my hand as he spoke. Kendra got up from her chair and threw herself at him. “That is great!” She was so little when we divorced the first time that she had no bad memories of the time before. “What?” Felicia was pissed off now. “You are married again and you didn’t tell us first!” She stood up and looked at her father and then at me.

“You know what forget it, I am going to bed and going to stay in my room for a while, so LEAVE ME ALONE!” She stomped up the stairs. “Felicia wait.” I said trying to get her to come back. “Leave me alone.” She said as she made it the rest of the way up the stairs. A few seconds later we hears the sound of her door being slammed.

“Kendra you need to go to bed.” I said gently as I watched my younger daughter with a blank look on her face. “Okay.” she said as she hugged her father and I. A few minutes later her door shut and the light went off. I slid down into the kitchen chair wondering now if I had made the right decision.

“Em, she will be okay with this after a while.” When I took my head out of my hands, Keith was kneeled down next to the chair with his hands on my legs. “I am not so sure about that because she has a temper like my father did.” I pushed his hands back and stood up. He joined me and put his arms around my waist. “Why not we go spend the rest of our night together and worry about Felicia in the morning.” he said as he swung me up into his arms.

Once again we consummated our marriage, but for some reason my mind was not in it. I kept going back tow hat Felicia had said before she stomped off to her room. my own daughter had called me stupid. When Keith had finished he rolled over next to me and pulled me into his arms. He whispered several times that he loved me and gently kissed my neck. “Emma, where are you right now?” apparently he had noticed that my mind was somewhere else.

“Sorry, I am thinking about what Felicia had said again.” I placed my head on his shoulder and got close to him. As Keith and I layed there in the dark we talked about what we were going to do to make things okay with her again. “She will come around, we just have to give it a few days.” I knew that, I just wished we had thought this out before we jumpped into it. Keith and I fell asleep in each others arms. We had never done that before so it was something wonderful.

I woke early the next morning hopping to catch Felicia before she went off to school. Kendra was the first to make her way through the house and out the door to wait for the bus. A few minutes later I heard the footsteps of my daughter making their way down the stairs. “Felicia!” There was no answer. I turned to watch my daughter walk out the door.

I got up from the kitchen chair to follow her, but by the time I got to the door the girls were getting on the bus. I went back tot he chair that I was sitting in and finished eating. About twenty minutes later Keith came into the kitchen. “Didn’t feel you get up.” he said as he bent down and kissed my forehead. I nodded and went back to my food.

“Felicia is still not talking to me.” I said as I pushed my empty plate forward. He turned and looked at me as he held his coffee cup. “She will come around and if not she will learn to be okay with this.”

I was not so sure, but had to have some faith in the situation. Maybe my daughter would be okay with it, but then maybe she wouldn’t. I loved him and I was happy. I just wish that she could accept the situation before making a decision about her father. From the things that I had seen the last few months was that he had changed. Only time would tell if he stayed with me for the rest of his life. I did not want to be old and alone.

Author note: I know I said I was only going to have two chapters left, but I could not help adding more drama to this generation. I may have one more, but there may be two more chapters after this. We will see if Emma continues being stupid, or did Keith really change.

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Generatio 3, Chapter 9

After Felicia started high school she came to me with her request on what she wanted for her birthday. When she was entering school she wanted to paint so her father and I made sure that is what she did. When she started high school, well her gift became a little more expensive.

“Mom, I know what I want for my birthday.” She said as she came in threw her books on the table and said with a grin that went from ear to ear. My biggest fear was that she was going to want a car. I was not going to buy her a car because the last thing I needed was for her to go and kill herself.

I looked up at her from the book I was reading, “I am not getting you a a car.” I said. I watched as her expression changed a little. Instead of getting mad at me she started laughing. “I don’t want a car.” She laughed and then went to the books she had put on the table. “Okay then what?” I was thrilled that she did not want a car and that I was able to get her something that would be good for her. She would be able to learn something from it.

“I want a horse and riding lessons.” Her smile got even bigger. I was going to say no, but then thought about the benefits that could come with her learning to ride a horse and take care of a pet. “Alright.” I said as I took the book from her. “I will call them tomorrow and see if we can get you registered for lessons.”

Just then Kendra burst through the door. “If she gets a horse then I want a dog.” I was not going to let her have a dog when it isn’t even her birthday. “Okay when you go to high school, you may have a dog.” I did not give the girl a chance to protest. I picked up the phone and called the number that was on the page. I was going to do this in the morning, but decided not to.

Within an hour I had a horse being sent to my home and Felicia was scheduled for her riding lessons. I hopped that this would last longer then the painting did, but I was not sure. I guess she can do what she wants to and I am not going to be out that much money.

The first horse they brought to us was an older one. When they noticed my teenaged daughter walk up to it and start petting it, the questions started. “Is this horse for your daughter?” The lady finally asked. I nodded and then she walked over to the truck. “Well, then she does not want an older one she will want Misty.”

Misty was perfect for Felicia. She was young enough for her to learn with and I was not going to have to worry so much about an old bitter horse throwing my daughter onto the ground. After several minutes of talking to the lady we decided that Misty was the one that we wanted.

After things had been situated with the horse, riding lessons, and Kendra just being herself, I started thinking about the things that I had done the last few months. The first thing that popped in my head was that one night that I had with Keith and the fact that we are not married any more. He still hounded me about coming home and bring the girls back to him. How could I do that to them after I took them away because of the person he is.

I pulled out a piece of paper and started making a list of reason why I should go back and then another list of the reasons why I should kick him to the curb. I had the next several hours to myself because Felicia decided to take Kendra for a ride. I was surprised at how well she had been doing and the fact that she was really being careful.

After I finished the list that I was making I sat back in the chair to look it over when my phone rang. I pulled the phone off the charger and answered it, “Hello.” I said gently. “Emma, could you come over, we need to talk.” Crap it was Keith. I was not even sure if I wanted to really go and talk to him, but I knew this was just as good of a time as any. “Sure, let me leave the girls a note and then I will be there.”

My stomach ached a little bit as I got up from the chair and put the piece of paper into my pocket. “I should be there in about ten minutes.” I said as I got ready to hang up. “Okay and please let me say all I need to before you leave this time.” I hung up the phone without giving him an answer.

As I walked outside and over to my car I spotted the girls in the distance. Felicia held on tighter to her sister as she sent the horse into a gallop. Before I could get in my car she had the horse behind it. “Where you going mom?” She asked as she dismounted the horse. She helpped her sister down and then walked over to me. “You dad needs me to come over.” I was not going to lie to the girls. Both Felicia and Kendra protested, but knew it wouldn’t do any good. I made sure that Felicia would be okay watching her sister before I got back into my car.

When I got to the old house, I noticed a few things that were different. The front porch had been cleaned off and the grass had been mowed. Keith was really trying to make an impression, or the city had gotten mad at him and gave him a citation. I was not sure.

I slowly walked up the stairs just so that I could hear what was going on inside. I heard nothing, not even the television. He always had it going before. When I got to the door I knocked gently. No answer. This time I pounded on the door like they had taught us at the academy.

After a few minutes of standing there like an idiot, I turned around and started down the steps. If I had nto looked up, I would have bumped right into him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were behind me?” I asked as I balanced my body. He smiled at me and then took my hand. “I want to show you something.” His hands were rough, but felt nice.

We walked around the block several times before i informed him that I needed to go home. Instead of letting go of my hand and letting me leave he walked me over to my car, opened the passenger door, and then shut the door once I was sitting in the seat. “How are you going to get home?”  He shrugged my question off and got in the car. “I can take a cab later.”

In not time we were standing in front of my door. “Can I come in?” He asked like I was jsut going to open the door and say yes. “Maybe it is better that you don’t right now.” I kissed him and turned to walk away.

“Emma, we need to figure out what is going on.” He was serious and I was not sure if I needed to get defensive. “What do you mean?” I asked like nothing was wrong. He slid his hand back into mine and then said, “We have been dancing around this for the last few months and every time I mention it, you back off.” Now I was clueless about what he was talking about.

“What in the world are you talking about?” I had to know before he said anything more that didn’t make sense. “I want you to be with me forever.” Oh now he had said it. He was the reason that I left in the first place and the reason that my children had to grow-up with only their mother in the house. “Keith….I….ummm…” I had no idea what to say. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me several times.

“Meet me at the dog park tomorrow night.” He seemed to be asking a lot more than he had ever done. I nodded and then walked into the house. I shut and locked the door behind me. Every light was off so I knew the girls were sleeping.

The next morning Kendra turned 15. She looked a little like I did, but I could see a lot more of her great-grandmother in her. Well, minus the purple highlights. One of the traits that Kendra gained when she got older was she became a dog lover. There were plenty of dogs around that she had something to do with. I had told her no several times about getting a dog because of Misty.

A few weeks back Misty had gotten sick and then one morning she had died. I was not sure if it were something in the ground, or if it was Felicia and the wa she treated her, but I was not going to have another animal here that could take the chance of getting sick and dying. If Kendra wanted a dog she would have to wait until she was out of the house and on her own.

“Felicia, did you happen to hear mom come in last night?” I heard the girls talking as I got ready to go out. Keith had asked me to meet him at the dog park and stupid me said yes. Felicia shook her head and went back to her homework. “It was around 1 am and she was with dad.” Felicia put her pencil down and looked over at her sister.

“Mom is an adult and if she wants to be stupid and take dad back then that is up to her.” She picked her pencil back up and went back to doing her homework. “But, wouldn’t it be nice to have dad around more?” Kendra was so little when we left that she did not remember what happened the day we left. Felicia put her pencil down one last time and turned towards her sister, “Look if that is what you want then fine, but not me.”

I had been listening to the whole thing from the bathroom and was not sure what to think. Did Felicia really dislike my choice that bad and would she be okay with what happened next. I was not even sure, but knew that maybe things would work out for the best. She would have to learn to accept what happened.



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I would like to take a few minutes and apologize for the composting that has gone on for the last few weeks.  I have had to restore my computer, but did not lose the game that I was playing. I have put the Sims 3 pets back onto my computer and then maybe within the next week I should have something posted. I have already started working on the next chapter and their will be an heiress vote at the end of it. In the chapter following that one I will notify every one of the winner so please be patient and I will have something up soon.


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